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Callista Illeanna Rae

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About Me



My name is Callista Weiss and I live in Canada! I am originally a small town prairie girl now living right outside Calgary where I spend most of my days.

First fact about me is my relationship with God! I do not consider myself religious, it is just simply a relationship. I volunteer in singing/playing keyboard/in the coffee shop at my church and I absolutely love it!

Second fact, I work for an event planning company that also does promotional products and giftables as well, named Event-Full Elements so make sure to check that out! I do all social media, which also means I run another blog over on which is more business based if you care to take a gander and read. 

Third fact, I have no idea how to run a regular blog about myself/my life so just keep that in the back of your mind while reading! However if you need any advice on coffee shops, I'm your girl.

Fourth fact, I love all things animals, and you will know this if you have seen me in person around one. So do not be surprised if I do a blog post on an animal or frequently bring up pictures of my dogs and cat.

And fifth fact (obviously I have more about myself but gotta narrow it down to the basics of me), I am studying Geology in school so it's bound to get nerdy once or twice here!

 Well for the most part that sums me up! Have fun reading, comment and let me know about you, and hopefully we can all make a few new friends around here!

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